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Freedom Force Mod Marvel Comics - The Heralds of Destiny
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The Heralds of Destiny is a Marvel Comics inspired Freedom Force VS The Third Reich expansion pak mod. It was originally intended to have a more developed plot and gameplay, however due to multiple issues (controllable and uncontrollable), I chose to release the mod in it correct stage of development.

Despite the lack of a story, the Heralds Mod is treasure chest of new Freedom Force content - without the installation fuss.

freedom force mods
  • 20 Exclusive New Skoped Meshes
    • 13 X-Men Characters
    • 7 Avengers Characters
  • 20 New FXs
    • EZ FX & PFX 1.2 Installed
    • Rerelease of AA's Fxs
    • No Installation Required
  • Custom Selection Menu
  • Custom Music
    • 90's Avengers Theme